About us

We are a website which is engaged in Android and iPhone pokie development. Considering that competition on the market is getting stronger every day, our mission is to provide the top – quality games with great performances. Our greatest prize is to have satisfied clients who will trust us unconditionally.


Our top 3 IT developers


Brian Taylor

He has been with us since the early beginnings, and he is one of our top IT developers. He helps us create an outline of a specific game, engaging in graphical design as well. If you want to have an advanced pokie game, full of amazing features, then he is your guy.

Mari Jacobs

She is the only lady in our company, and her job is the financial part of your applications. She sets up the payment methods and wire transfers. You just need to give her the list of paying methods you want to include in your app, and she will make it happen.

Charles Moore

He is the youngest member our team, but one of the most skilled ones. He will build you a pokie game from scratches. Just give him your suggestion and let him do his magic. You will have a pokie app ready and fully operation in just a few weeks.


Christopher H.

“I have been using their services for many years now, and this website has fulfilled all my expectations. They have built me two applications so far, and I just can’t say how satisfied I am. Great job guys.”


Mike A.

“This website is just awesome. The team is professional and friendly. They were ready to meet my all demands and to be honest I had many of them. I just wanted a perfect app, and they delivered precisely that.”

Jenny M.

“I had a great time with this people, and I would recommend their services to anyone. The job was done professionally, and they services are affordable. They have built my application two weeks, and it has a high rate on Google Play. These people are true professionals.”


Online and traditional gambling – main difference

In termers of convenience, online gambling has become appealing; you can perform all the operations from your mobile device or computer. While relaxing at your home or even while working. In this case, you need to find a reputable online casino that features online gambling games, open an account and start gambling. Every game has various terms of use, and you need to get familiar with them.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of a traditional casino, no online game will be able to replace that. Even if you spend house in front of a slot machine or playing poker. The only flaw of traditional gambling is that you have to be present for that occasion.


Top 3 online pokie players

  • negreanu



    Daniel Negreanu  is one of the most successful poker players in the world. His nickname is Poker Kid, and his total winning goes over $30 million. Recently he started playing online pokies and online poker. Of course, no one can beat him in this discipline because he is the best.


  • AntonioEsfandiari


    Antonio Esfandiari is the second top rated player in the poker industry, his nick is The Magician, and he managed the earn more than $25 million. He rarely appears on live tournaments now. Instead of that, he takes participation in online gambling. His position in online gambling circles is highly rated.

  • Daniel


    Daniel Colman is still young in the gambling industry, but it has great performances and excellent playing style. His total revenue is $26 million. He’s often engaged in online playing, participating only in exclusive casinos and with games that have a big stake. It shouldn’t surprise us, considering he is one of the best.

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